Are you Looking For Portable Card Reader? Agaram Electronics is the best Solution. Portable card reader, best portable card reader. Today, consumers have multiple ways to pay for goods and services. They can pay with cash, check, credit card, debit card, or even make near-field communications (NFC) contactless payments (Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, etc). Although you don’t see many people writing a check at the grocery store anymore, you do see various types of credit card payment options — from traditional magnetic stripe payments to chip cards to wearables

What is a Portable card reader?

A credit or debit card holds vital information on its magnetic strip or microchip (and sometimes both). For example, a credit card contains the consumer’s name, account number, the card expiration date, and the card’s validation code, typically found imprinted on the back of the card. It was designed for security and to help combat card payment fraud. It replaced the old magstripe technology, where you’d have to swipe a card and the customer would sign their signature to authorise the payment. As you can imagine, this left people vulnerable, as if a card was stolen, the thief could easily forge the signature.

What happens inside the chip card reader?

Rather than the credit card swipe, it’s now the credit card “dip.” You insert the chip side into the reader and data from the chip is transferred to the financial institution connected to the card. From there, a code is created for that particular purchase and the payment is verified. While card dipping does take a bit longer than the swipe, it’s more worth your while to know your transaction was credible and secure.

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